Online Poker Software

If you're looking to add that extra zing to your online casino site, integrating an online poker environment into your existing platform just might be the ticket. Online gaming investors are fast coming to the realization that online casino software and online poker on a single platform form a potent combination when it comes to revenue generation. All you need to implement this concept effectively is the right online poker software. Here at Casino Software Seller, when we don't just offer world-class online casino software for sale; our online poker software is subject to equally rigorous programming and testing standards, and would be a wonderful addition to your online gaming portfolio.

Poker Software to Complement Your Online Casino

In the world of brick-and-mortar casinos, poker is exceedingly popular; some of the most highly rated casinos in the world regularly host poker tournaments of an international/ regional level. In its online avatar too, online casinos attract a crowd of online gaming enthusiasts who are only too happy to play online poker as well. The bottomline here is that, owing to a fairly large overlap in the target segments for online casino gaming and online poker, it makes sense to go for an online gaming platform that incorporates your online casino with a full-fledged poker system.

The online poker software and hosting systems would meet the same exacting standards or performance, aesthetics and stability that you have come to expect from the online casino software we offer.

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What Makes Online Poker Software

Here's how the majority of your revenue stream from online poker would be generated:

  1. In ring games, generation of rake is where it begins.
  2. Operators charge seating charges for tournaments, both of the multi-table and Sit-&-Go variety.
  3. Operators charge an 'arranger fees' on tournaments, again of all varieties.
  4. Arranger fees charged on multi-table tournaments and sit-and-go tournaments
  5. Some card room operators also charge monthly, quarterly or annual subscription fees over and above rake and seating fees.
  6. Parked player deposits are another significant source of income, as operators do not have to pay interest at the payout stage.

Customized Poker Solutions Integrated with Your Casino

Just as with the online casino software we provide you, the online poker solutions designed by our technology partners have a high degree of customizability built into them. This includes highly customized website and logo design for your brand, tailor-made game environments (right down to colors and themes!) and the ability for the operator to change or modify game rules on the fly. This keeps your online gaming business ahead of the flock, and your players always satisfied, yet wanting for more.

Apart from these things, the software comes with localization support, i.e. support for multiple language and currency options. This enables you to target a specific geographical locale without worrying about translation or currency conversion issues; it's taken care of.

To sum up the customization question, our customization capabilities include, and may even go beyond, the following:

  1. Software icon design
  2. Installer software skins
  3. Custom-branded upgrade software
  4. Branding options for lobby and table
  5. Custom color schemes and themes
  6. Navigation Tabs
  7. Over a dozen Game variants, plus multiple side games
  8. Multiple language support (default International English)
  9. Multiple currency support
  10. and much more

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