Casino Reporting Tools

Casino operators who look to buy casino software to commence their casino gaming operations must also know the fact the casino reporting tools are an essential component of the back office system. Our casino reporting tools module is a state-of-the art management and administration package. Since an online casino deals with complex revenue figures, the operator as well as the end user needs an accurate yet easy to handle reporting tool. Casino software seller offers an online casino software package that can help keep your gaming site organized and provides multiple tools and reports to streamline daily casino operations activities. If you buy casino software at casino software seller, you are also assured of the best reporting and game management tools as a part of the package.

Casino reporting tools as a part of our gaming back office are designed for high levels of security and user friendliness. Some of the key functionalities of our casino reporting tools are as follows.

Financial Reporting Tools

As soon as you buy casino software and launch online casino operation, the gaming system will be required to churn out frequent reports at the request of the operator as well as the end users that may be players or affiliates. Casino reporting tools have to be specifically designed for financial reporting which are usually daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly reports. Mostly financial reports are in the form of monthly statement and summary. Our casino reporting tools ensure that all reports can be dumped to a local spreadsheet and customized as per the requirement at the operator level, player level as well as an affiliate level. Financial reports contain the most important data which is required for accounting and reconciliation for the online casino room and the network in some cases and our casino reporting tools assure the best and most accurate financial reporting.

Game Reporting Tools

Game reports are a diverse set of reports that require different parameters to be taken into consideration for different situations. Game reporting module of the casino reporting tools are the most frequently requested and exported reports. Casino reporting tools must be comprehensive real time reports which can be filtered by game or player, by summary, session-by-session and detailed event-by-event basis. We understand the risk and security issues involved with online casino operations and we take care of that aspect as soon as you buy casino software and our casino reporting tools guarantee the same.

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